1. Koishi’s flowery dress. By seeker.


  2. Some slightly deranged Scarlets. By kinoko.


  3. Hina below the surface. By JQ.


  4. illust_id=46146461

    Some lovely drawings of Sanae, Lily, and Aya. By hillly.

    (Source: pixiv.net)


  5. One of Gensokyo’s record stores. By maru8. The Pixiv title is “SELL OUT.”


  6. Reimu at the gate. By yoshioka yoshiko.


  7. Satori and her pets. By bai feng.


  8. Caught outside in the rain. By umigarasu.


  9. The Scarlets make a cake. By Lispict.


  10. Five more splendid drawings by kaze.

    (Source: pixiv.net)


  11. Running around at a festival. By kanro.


  12. Aya with a traditional tengu mask. By rookie drift.


  13. Dueling maids, featuring the rarely seen Yumeko. By saya.


  14. Some pretty cool pixel art of the captain in a fish bowl. By kouta. The Pixiv title is “Attack and sinking Anchor.”


  15. The tengu dance. By yt. The Nico Seiga title is “Aya-Momi fever time!”