1. Satori shows some visitors around the palace. By Red.


  2. Tengu in the trees. By sola7764.


  3. Hina runs through falling flowers. By JQ.


  4. Mokou with some pretty impressive wings. By nishimon.


  5. Aya drops by to talk with Akyuu. By kaze.


  6. Conversing with a frog. By ti owo.


  7. She will never be satisfied. By nal.


  8. Koishi’s shattering gaze. By tsukimoto aoi.


  9. Gonna get rid of those fairies Dr. Mario style. By zounose.


  10. Yukari, her umbrella furled. By takatora.


  11. Those spell cards weren’t so impossible after all! By ys.


  12. Patchouli in the library. By LLC.


  13. Flandre afloat. By jiiwara.


  14. Reimu on a bed of cherry blossoms. By Ryu.L.


  15. Several splendid drawings by kikugetu. Many more can be seen here.