1. A late night of working. By sachi.


  2. The Touhou gardening club. By zicai tang.


  3. The dullahan at night. By 60mai.


  4. The Moriyans strike a pose. By munakata.


  5. Four nice drawings by tabun. These and more can be found over here.


  6. A pretty nice portrait of Sakuya. By SL -.


  7. Monochrome Marisa with some crazy eyes. By misawa hiroshi.


  8. Tea on the balcony. By u u zan.


  9. illust_id=45046289

    Patchouli and Youmu amid elemental forces. By shihou.

    (Source: pixiv.net)


  10. Kaguya against the full moon. By moko.


  11. Yuyuko draws her blade. By seeker.


  12. illust_id=45021102

    Koakuma and Alice with some fancy frames. By mosho.

    (Source: pixiv.net)


  13. Utsuho stands her ground. By twilighttk. The Pixiv title is “Explosion Sign ‘Mega Flare.’”


  14. Rushing through Hell. By nazoko.


  15. The moon’s foremost archer/chemist. By nishimon.