1. Open-eyed Koishi and bird-form Utsuho by a waterfall. By basilisk. The Pixiv title is “Innocent Rose.”


  2. Seija and her reflection. By fukida.


  3. Several cute images by rakugakiyarou. You can see some more here.


  4. A Minoriko drawing to mark the start of fall. By koto inari.


  5. The remains of a third eye. By uewtsol. The Pixiv title is “glow stone.”


  6. Miko listens to some tunes. By yume giwa.


  7. Quiet in the bamboo forest. By 3000 xiao chun.


  8. Mokou on a giant flower. By awa.


  9. Some nice portraits of Futo, Nitori, Akyuu, Seija, and Kisume. By kaze.

    (Source: pixiv.net)


  10. Alice, dressed for battle. By Freeze-Ex. The Pixiv title is “Lance Sign ‘Cutie Phalanx.’”


  11. Yuyuko among the treetops. By minusT.


  12. Reimu in a box of light. By Area.


  13. Reisen takes aim. By HUG. The Pixiv title is “Stare of the Hazy Phantom Moon (Lunatic Red Eyes.)”


  14. The all-consuming darkness. By koto inari.


  15. Ravens of the inferno. By melon22.