1. The Scarlets by moonlight. By satoukibi.


  2. A bunch of drawings from the excellent YOSS_3. Even more are available here.


  3. Reimu’s having a good day. By harutoki. The Pixiv title is “glow.”


  4. The girls from Kyoto in some light rain. By hmmuk. The Pixiv title is “Toufukuji Station landscape.”


  5. Reimu in a flowery field. By non.


  6. The oni bride. By nishiuri.


  7. Youmu walks among the cherry blossoms. By misoni comi.


  8. Night and day. By TG.


  9. Marisa gets ready to unleash a master spark. By geppewi.


  10. Young Alice gets some nighttime visitors. By YOSS_3.


  11. The Komeijis have tea outdoors. By kakao rantan.


  12. Flandre among the falling flowers. By rityu.


  13. Kosuzu opens the way to a new world. By u. The Pixiv title is “UNZIP.”


  14. Nazrin watches the palanquin ship go sailing. By mosu.


  15. The murky lake. By hi-yo.