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    Some strange and wonderful images of Maribel and Renko. By monatsu.

    (Source: pixiv.net)


  2. Suwako in a well-decorated chamber. By Sann.


  3. Koishi in a frozen wood. By seeker.


  4. Marisa and Reimu in a Minecraft-esque environment. By sam.


  5. Five very nice pictures by kaze, including two of the more rarely seen ones.

    (Source: pixiv.net)


  6. A walk through the woods. By kitsune.


  7. Youmu in the courtyard. By rerrere.


  8. Don’t mess with Mokou. By sofa.


  9. The playable Imperishable Night gals. By misawa hiroshi. I guess this is the complement to this from a couple of weeks ago.


  10. Kokoro’s Halloween costume. By efe.


  11. On the attack x4. By unu. The Pixiv title is “four of a kind.”


  12. Sakuya in a nice dress and glasses. By hillly. The Pixiv title is “Moon∞River.”


  13. Preparing to eat. By nishimon.


  14. A late night of reading. By gan ma.


  15. Nitori on guitar. By RiE.