1. Flandre with a suspiciously juicy apple. By ibuki notsu.


  2. Ran, approaching a shrine. By sir ichirou.


  3. Seija turns on her associate. By yamamomo. The Pixiv title is “Dear friend.”


  4. Relaxing on a block of ice. By R-A.


  5. Reimu and Yukari under the moon. By u u zan.


  6. The monster historian. By kobuushi.


  7. Nitori’s workshop by the river. By amibazh.


  8. A nice close-up of Sakuya. By Regular Hexagon.


  9. A ribbon in the river. By urumu.


  10. Playing on the shrine steps. By SH.


  11. Flandre and Remilia in the city. By myonko.


  12. Alice goes grocery shopping. By amonitto.


  13. A murder of crows. By netuki.


  14. The steampunk technician. By zicai tang.


  15. illust_id=45486095

    Bloody Eiki, inverted Seija, young Kagerou, and double Yuyuko. By shigureru.

    (Source: pixiv.net)