1. A disguised Mamizou in the fields. By nobita.


  2. Yukari, fiddling around with a gap. By geppewi.


  3. Yuyuko walks through the woods. By Trick.


  4. Nue and Kogasa, back to back. By terrajin.


  5. Inside the aquarium. By chamaruko.


  6. Flandre’s plotting something devilish. By ibuki notsu.


  7. Asleep on her sister’s shoulder. By kusatsu kikka.


  8. The fairies’ tea and games. By sumi keiichi.


  9. Travelling on a budget. By shinapuu.


  10. Mokou with a pretty cool robe and pipe. By mumulatte.


  11. Yukari done up in leather and fur. By DanteWontDie.


  12. Kaguya the entertainer. By P no hito.


  13. Reimu gets some colorful accessories. By Capura.L. This is the artwork for this album by Re:Volte.


  14. Spring snoozing. By kurokoori.


  15. Flandre in full bloom. By shima.